Shop the Leader at LeaderWearez

HUZZAH! Now it's finally here! All of our hours of selfless labour have finally paid off! Now you, the Teeming Millions, can bear witness to the greatness that is the Leader! We have several products available, and with the help of Number One's genius, there are many more to come!

LeaderWearez is a holistic Leader Store, containing all you need. A one-stop Leader Shop.

Check out some of the great images available. We have T-shirts, Sweats, Baby Dolls, Mugs, and Mousepads.

The new "Leader Has a Posse" T-shirt!

Leader Has a Posse T-shirt Leader Has a Posse

That old standby, the "No Minivans" T-shirt.


The ever-famous Leader Haiku on a T-shirt.

No Minivans T-shirt No Minivans

The all-new Non-Breeder T-shirts and accessories. Also available in maternity sizes! Yes, really!

Non-Breeder T-shirt

The "Bible Disclaimer" sticker, perfect for hotel bibles.

Bible Disclaimer sticker

The dictionary "Foo Definition" on T-shirts, coasters, you-name-it.

Foo Definition

The "Leader's Simple To Use" T-shirt. Always a classic.

Leader's Simple To Use

The all-new Leaderfish on a bumper sticker! You need one now!

Leaderfish on a bumper sticker

And that's not all!!! Well ... it actually is. But it won't be for long! Pretty soon some great new graphics will arrive and we'll have some more products available. HUZZAH!